I have never met a person who is successful that didn’t have a great amount of self –discipline in their life.

Self-discipline and being able to perform and being able to keep your life on schedule and being able to keep commitments and promises and dead-lines is essential to success.

Noon of us can afford to have a life that is controlled by someone else or a life that is basically controlled by our emotions. I learned many years ago that there are 2 kinds of people; the one that says, I want to wait till I feel like it before I do it and there is the second type that says; I want to do it before I feel like it.

One will never get anything done because he is waiting to feel the moment to move before he does anything. While the other one says; wait a minute! No, I need to move before I feel the moment.

Self-discipline is essential in your life and in my life if we are going to get things done.

So I have a challenge for you reading this and it is very simple and here is the challenge; as you go through this week, sometimes it is hopefully the easiest time of your week, ask yourself; am I practicing self-discipline in my life? Am I doing the things I must do because I need to do them or am I kind of waiting to feel the moment?

Do like my friend Nike says; just do it!


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